Lash Liner, Eyeliner, Shadow effect

Micropigmenation is ideal for people who:
*have trouble applying makeup
*are sensitive to cosmetics
*play sports
*want to save time every morning 

Advantages of SPMU Eyeliner

  • Saves a lot of time
  • A grea
  • It's a great option if your hands are shaky
  • Your makeup will look amazing all day every day
  • It makes you look younger
  • Great for people on the go
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Lash Liner

A lash liner enhances your eyes by appying pigment at the base of your lashes making them look darker and thicker

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Perfectly applied pigment in your choice of thickness and style, with or without a wing, also includes the lash line. Giving you a smudge proof look all day every day

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Shadow Effect

The shadow effect includes the lash liner and eyeliner. Shaded eyeliner is used to create that smokey look, perfcet for all occasions