Microblading : Achieve natural looking brows


Microblading is by far one of the most well-known permanent makeup treatments to date. The microblading method simulates natural hair-like strokes, which is done using a unique manual tool specifically created for microblading. The microblading pen is designed with 10-12 tiny needles that causes the strokes in the skin. Although microblading is an excellent treatment, it is not recommended for oily, combination, thin, or mature skin types as the technique requires the skin to be pretty dry to retain the pigment. The treatment is painless and will require a patch test. Colour swatching is also used to make sure your brows match your colouring.

Price is £195 and includes the 4-6 week top up

Treatment time : Around 2 hours

Lasts between 1-2 years


  • Apply the tattoo plasters on the brows before bedtime. In the morning, gently damp the plasters to remove easily. Pull in same direction as hair growth.


  • Clean the brows every morning and evening with a damp cotton pad, patting the area.
  • Only apply the aftercare cream if brows become itchy, being careful not to leave any excess.
  • Do not pick or touch the small scabs that may appear.


  • Soaps, cleansers, creams or makeup on the area. Avoid facials, eyebrow tinting and plucking. Avoid abrasive products and rough towels. Avoid hot baths, sunbeds swimming, saunas and any other heat treatments.


  • Day 1-2 - Brows will appear bold and red.
  • Day 3-4 - Brows may develop scabs.
  • Day 5-7 - Scabs start peeling off, no picking or scratching.
  • Day 8-13 - Scabs are gone, brows appear lighter.
  • Day 14-28 - Return to normal skincare routine.
  • Day 35-70 - Come back for your touch up.


  • Always use sunblock once healed
  • The colour can fade up to 40% and will appear a lot lighter and uneven. That is what a touchup is for.
  • Superficial colour and dry skin will naturally come off during the healing process. The final look will show on week 4-6.


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